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Home >> Huanglong Valley travel guide and tour

Huanglong Valley

Huanglong ValleyHuanglong Valley, one by one from the south to the north, the gradual uplift of tufa ridge, the terrain is very much like a high-spirited Tengyue dragon, resting in the embrace of Xuefeng glacier crystal. Grand surface travertine landscape dominated world today the largest and best preserved structure modeling colorful karst classic. Huanglong scenic area is located Minshan the main peak Xuebaoding at the foot, running from south to north, the gradual uplift of travertine body ridge, the terrain is very much like a proudly prancing dragon, resting in the embrace of Xuefeng glistening glaciers.

The Huanglong Valley vertical approximately 7.5 km, about 1.5 km wide. Up the stairs from the Mizoguchi, winding down the dragon's back, the numerous beaches streams, waterfalls Tuantuan down, as if the dragon palm swimming; Chengdu tour of mountain is covered with colorful azaleas, red maple leaves, spangle gross multitude, and color the gorgeous size pot pavilions dotted evident too vivid dragon.

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