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Home >> Dujiangyan travel information and tour


DujiangyanFamous ancient Dujiangyan water conservancy project, located in Dujiangyan City West, ancient genus are named Duan County Habitat Ann Weir, later known as Du Jiang Song known as "independence odd eternal " and " Jincheon treasure." Two thousand years ago, Li Bing and his son face rebellious Minjiang water, fire attack from the heap Yulei into. Yuzui embankment watershed, sandstorm weir spillway Baopingkou water, heavy rains, floods in the West Sichuan Plain, turned into a flood and drought from the people, Chengdu tour do not know hunger land of abundance. This project until today still play a role, known as the "living water conservancy and museum." So far the world 's oldest and only retention, diversion dam is characterized by ambitious water project.

Eighteen hundred years ago, the founder of Taoism Zhang Ling fancy a quiet green Qingcheng Mountain, the decision in this practice Road Act. Qingcheng Mountain incense increasingly Sheng, but the Taoist view of buildings and pavilions built deep in the jungle is always between Linyan Quan blend with the surrounding mountains.

The unique geographical conditions and ecological environment created from the heap lock Gap, Gimjae sunset, with big Trail, Yulei xiandu, Hantan Frunze, narrow bridge rainbow, Lady Xianzi, Min Shan Xiao Xue, Aquarius Chunxiao and other natural landscape, and the Second Temple, Fulong, Alan rope bridge, Temple and other ancient buildings each other, forming a mountain, water, city, forest, weir, bridge the unique blend of scenery, a natural and cultural, human beings and the environment, hydraulic engineering and harmonious integration of landscapes, nature and man's eternal spectacle. Is highly ornamental, ecology, sexual characteristics.

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