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Home >> Toad Stone travel information and tour

Toad Stone

Toad StoneIn Chengde City wulie River east coast of the southeastern tip of Xin Feng hammer. Across a valley, there is a huge rock at the top of the peaks of the squat, like a frog want to jump the sky, hence the name. Chengde is one of the ten natural scenery.

More than forty meters toad stone, about twenty meters high. Frog stuck his head cliff, north and south are two empty belly, caverns connected north and south, east and west through the south's largest cave, high meter eighty, eight meters wide, the depth of nine meters. Summer tour so far, you can enjoy the cool refreshing. Toad back from Chengde conglomerate composed of gravel. Brilliant Pebbles, smooth and delicate, constitutes a bump chic striatum. Its back relatively flat topography, size can accommodate dozens of people. In addition, two other toad stone, a dolmen squatted on the eastern side of the cake below the platform, but the three-meter-long, mouth head, back bump covered with gravel for calcium, smooth and bright; Chengde trip another double Tashan carved on the eastern mouth of the Western Hills Gully Gang, seat east to the west, is on the Twin Towers. It posture rounded, slightly upturned head straight, upward sloping Zhang mouth. Can accommodate a dozen people sitting inside. It is also known as toad mouth. Causes of three toad stone are different.

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