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Home >> Mulan Paddock tour guide

Mulan Paddock

Mulan PaddockHunting is located in the north of Chengde, aka SAIHANBA National Forest Park, the place was originally a hunting emperor autumn, lush, many rare birds and animals. Including mechanical forest, pasture and Hongshan yudaokou horse farm and other places.

Hunting is a natural simplicity, rustic natural tourist destination. Height of summer, cool and pleasant climate here, green grass, bright flowers, visitors sightseeing, horseback riding, collecting flowers, mushrooms I can also experience the grass skiing fun ; winter midnight, snow, snow, in Lin depths, but also people skiing, hunting the golden season. Forest Park North, West is surrounded by extensive grasslands obscene. Greenery such as carpets, magnanimous boundless, wind-swept pastures ) cattle and sheep flocks. Pole overlooking stare, blue sky, white clouds and meadow, sheep blending connected. Occasionally heard horses neighing and shepherd's whistle sounds, delightful, imagination.

Mountain View: Forest Park from south to north of the dam, the dam of two parts. Dam of northern Hebei Mountain, is Yinshan Mountains and Daxinganling Mountains meet. High mountains and steep ravines, peaks everywhere, rocks scales Xun. Dam to the south of the Mongolian Plateau, Central rounded low mountains, hills and downs, like rolling waves, rolling sand dunes west, ups and downs, forceful magnificent. Forest Park, who could not travel, you can experience the mountain, plateau, hilly terrain, such as different unique charm.

Waterfront: River Forest Park East, China Chengde tours the birthplace of the yin and West is spit force root birthplace. Rivers and pea dragonfly, water clear nature, such as jade winding forest looming. Nao marsh lake dotted with lakes, a Longquan, two Longquan, beyond the Great Wall and the first spring group Quan Yi Jade Creek. Winter snow, ice thousands season still springs gurgle, water constantly, steam -filled, become a big attraction in Forest Park. Weather landscape: Whenever blue skies, big occasion was clear early morning red sun emerges from the vast eastern woodlands, gushing radiance, Rays ten thousand ; evening sunset sun, setting sun, such as blood, brook cloud early. Zero after the rain, clouds Restraints around, mountain, trees looming, unpredictable, wonderful magic. Depending on the season, but also watch the fog silt, silt snow, ice, icicles and other unique weather landscape.

Wildlife: ten thousand ares woodlands, habitat for wildlife breeding provides a good natural environment. Existing beast, 100 kinds of birds, including leopards, deer, gazelle, black grouse, swans and other rare animals. Exploring woodlands, sings the occasion to listen to song birds, small groups of roe deer from time to time passing from the front Bentu, park FORESTS generations in history was hunting jade dynasty gardens. To the Qing Dynasty and was turned into a royal hunting Yuan, called " Mulan paddock." In addition there are twelve park camp sites and even through ancient battlefields and Ulan Buh Saibei stone Buddha Temple and other monuments.

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