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Home >> Mountain Resort tourist guide

Mountain Resort

Mountain ResortChengde Mountain Resort was founded in 1703, after three generations of Qing dynasty emperors: Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, takes about 90 was built, is China 's largest existing imperial garden. Each year half the time emperor of this meeting with the nobility and foreign diplomats, processing memorial, Summer heat, so here is actually the second political center of the Qing Dynasty.

Summer Resort of the palace area, the Lake District, plains, mountain districts and four parts. Handling affairs of state is the emperor palace area, celebrations and daily life of the local by the palace, Songhe fasting, myriad pines and Orient House ( no longer exists ) four buildings. Unlike Beijing magnificent palace building, the lodge building brick tiles, no painting, simple and elegant, and the vast expanse of the landscape around each other. Mountain area in the northwest in the Villa, as the guardian of the palace area surrounded by arms, the Lake District and plains areas. Plain area in the mountains south of the western green grass with one of the Mongolian grasslands ; eastern ancient trees, luxuriant forest scene with Daxinanling. Lake District and palaces in plains district, Island of scattered, rippling, full of southern land of plenty features. Entire villa design inherited and developed the Chinese traditional garden ideas, both clever use of the original local terrain features, but also, and China Northwest mountainous terrain southeast watery overall match, Chengde tour to Mountain Resort highlighting the royal garden as a unique position, and thus enjoy the epitome of Chinese geography topography and Chinese classical gardens of the highest examples of reputation.

1994 Mountain Resort was inscribed on the World Heritage List. World Heritage Committee : architectural styles of temples and royal garden with the surrounding lakes, pastures and forests skillfully blend. Mountain Resort not only has high aesthetic research value, but retains the late development of China's feudal society rare historical sites.

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