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BashangThe Bashang Fengning dam located in Fengning County, located in the northern Hebei province, is Chengde City, 173 kilometers the county big COURT town south of Inner Mongolia Duolun County; 180 kilometers south to Beijing; 262 km west of Zhangjiakou City; east Chengde City, 178 km. The total area of 8765 square kilometers. Jurisdiction over 9 towns, 17 townships, with a total population of 368,000, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, Han and other 13 ethnic groups, 62.5% of the the Manchu population to total population, approved by the State Council in 1987 to build Fengning County.

Fengning vast territory northwest to southeast, divided into global downstream the dam, then the dam and the dam three geomorphic units. Below the dam geographical mountains, undulating, Longtan waterfalls, deep canyons, white landscape, scenic; then dam vast woodlands, flowers, gathering and hunting natural kingdom; dam region broad and wide, flowers and grass fertilizer the height of summer, the cool climate is ideal for summer vacation resort.

Bashang plateau region Keihoku Prairie Resort, with its fresh and cool and pleasant climate, attracting many foreign guests this summer vacation; Baiyun Kwu Tung scenic spots, canyons and natural caves known monk Nepal set Hill is indeed rare, immersive as into Wonderland, could not help but make people stoned; Kowloon loose, prayer beads hole, God split stone even more of their God, extraordinary and special, amazing. Fengning rich in tourism resources. "Being travel to big open, Open to the grand coalition grand coalition to promote large-scale development, large-scale development to promote large-scale development." This is the the Fengning economic development in the grand strategy. In order to meet the requirements of the new situation, as the golden tourist line construction around Beijing and Tianjin, the of Fengning County governments and departments of tourism resources in the county conducted a comprehensive investigation and analysis, work out the overall planning of the development of tourism in the county, its purpose is to: the prairie as a leader, highlighting the advantages of summer vacation, driven peaks and different holes, the comprehensive development of the old trees, hot springs, hunting, fishing, the temple architecture, folk culture and art, folk customs, as soon as possible the construction of a line, that: Baiyun Kwu Tung Lama, mountain birch forest hunting grounds, prairie resort; built "a circle", ie: Kowloon loose, Deng Course Fishing Resort, a large platform Forest Resort, Hung the soup Temple Spa, cloud Villa; then build "a point", ie: Jiuxian Ya Fengshan, Chengde tours in addition to the existing ancient Peking Opera Theater, Temple, Ogawa Random House and other cultural celebrities ruins to build a street in the Qing Dynasty.

Prairie average elevation of 1487 meters. Exposure the highlands look up to, seems the pressure off the vault of heaven, cloud want to rub shoulders with a sense. Looking at the swamp, the Beaches Kuang Yin wilderness, dense Liu Sheng Shu grass swaying floor and flowers, birds Feiming Horse Benz. Here is a continental monsoon climate of the plateau, the Spring and Autumn short, dry and dry; longer length of winter, cold and windy; summer without heat, cool and pleasant, the average July temperature of 17.4 ¡ã C, the year the highest temperatures, however 24 ¡ã C.

The prairie is very rich in natural resources. Many ornamental flowers, lily flowers in May, dishes of wild vase in June, July Mikie plum, August nasturtium, much loved by others. The annual Dragon Boat Festival, before and after the eggs hatch lark in the flowers in the best season to capture Braun. October, hundreds of thousands of South Acts geese here Short habitat. Hares, moles, foxes, leopards and other grassland animals, often sloping grass infested. The prairie is a the summer hunting good place.

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