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Home >> Saihanba National Forest Park travel guide and tour

Saihanba National Forest Park

Saihanba National Forest ParkChengde Saihanba paddock National Forest Park is located north of the county is part of Mulan Paddock, north China's largest national forest park, plant and animal species, can watch, but also hunting, but also enjoy Mongolian -style diet involved in Mongolian ethnic folk activities, savor ethnic cultural.

Saihanba National Forest Park is the ecological, Royal, folk as the main characteristics of the forest-steppe eco-tourism resort, Saihanba National Forest Park is located in a typical forest - steppe ecotone and plateaus - hills - Man Austin - pick dam Mountain transitional lots. Both forest park, there are grasslands; both rivers, lakes there; existing mountain, another plateau; both hills, another Man Austin; established the Qing Dynasty historical sites, there are rich Mongolian customs, beautiful natural scenery, the climate is cool and pleasant, every year hundreds of thousands of overseas visitors to this tourist, vacation, China Chengde tour is the latest from Beijing's most beautiful eco- tourist destination, but also eco-tourism in North China 's most famous scenic spots.

History plants Saihanba is abundant, dense forests, natural gardens set numerous animals, Liao and Jin dynasties called Trinidad pine. AD 1681, the Qing Emperor Kangxi set up a Hunting is Saihanba Hunting an important part of 1690, Emperor Kangxi in this passage through the Ulan Buh war, put down the Galdan. According to historical records, Emperor Kangxi two decades since Jiaqing twenty-five years to 139 years, the Kangxi and Qianlong, Jiaqing of the Hunting, Yi Wu, Sui Fan, hunt" 105 times brighter in the left Saihanba military units, general nur, twelve associates, Saibei stone Buddha Temple, Qianlong exterminate Tiger Cave, Cuihua Palace, buckle Ken graves and other historical ruins and many beautiful legends.

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