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Home >> Shiyan Lake Scenic Area tour information

Shiyan Lake Scenic Area

Shiyan Lake Scenic AreaShiyan Lake Scenic Area is a National Tourism Administration of the AAAA grade scenic spot, located in Tan Interchange, where mountains, clear water jade, mountainous show cut, the ancient dry QiuZhi, shade Zade, known as the city's natural oxygen bar.

Ten water bodies as tourist attractions in Hunan Province, one of Shiyan Lake or domestic professional development training base, the students quality education base and international dragon boat race base, Shiyan Lake nearly acres of water surface, depth of 30 meters, where the water has several prominent Features: First, clean quiet lake, according to expert determination, the human body needs water rich in iron, zinc, calcium and more than ten kinds of trace elements, and to meet the national quality standards for drinking water directly, known as the "Human Jade Pool, Hunan Jiuzhaigou. "

People paddle boat race through the waves ship, boat race is one of the major characteristics of the project Shiyan Lake, exhaustion of autumn maple race a boat race to experience the waves and the lake Bobi fight passion, although no what are the characteristics, but there are some enthusiasm. Animal show dogs, bears Qi battle, monkeys and other wild animals Bear Liger let Shiyan Lake filled with people and animals live in harmony and peaceful atmosphere, the animals are wonderful performances three times a day.

Shiyan Lake naturally beautiful scenery, rich cultural history, there vault Stream, Kuan ancient spring, Mindzhevan Jane tomb, the tomb of the ancestors Shaoqi and other historical and cultural landscape, there are 300 million years ago, the famous geology Devonian vault Stream system standard group of stone. Area has also developed dozens of unique leisure and entertainment projects, China tour of Changsha such as dragon boat racing, clear water Spansion, Happy, rock climbing, barbecue, live CS radium war, field, fishing, farmhouse cuisine, eco-diving, teen survival training, business development training, evening bonfire, put the candle wish, etc., there are four-star standard decoration Shiyan Lake Hill and three-star hotel standard financial landscape, assembly services, accommodation, leisure, dining and entertainment, this place has become CZT City people enjoy the green, the first choice of returning to nature, amounted to 50 million annual tourists.

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