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Home >> Heimifeng Forest Park trip information

Heimifeng Forest Park

Heimifeng Forest ParkHeimifeng located in Changsha, Hunan Wangcheng northeast corner, only 19 kilometers from the provincial capital Changsha. Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, known since ancient times, Wonderful.

Heimifeng Forest Park is the largest province of the provincial public suburban Forest Park, an area of 4079 hectares, peak elevation of 590.5 m. Board in excellent shape, vast mountains, swiftly fundus toward sunrise tours, twilight view of falling clouds, it is refreshing. Here fresh air, good water quality, high mountains, dense forests, summer heat and winter cold, known as the city's big oxygen bar.

Heimifeng rich cultural landscape resources, long known to human flourishing. There are historical sites, cultural landscapes 23. Tang monk, calligrapher Huai Su ink still exist, according to Ching Ming emperor Zhu Hou has traveled Heimifeng Tang poet Liu Changqing visit the beautiful mountain taste victory, so Taoist mountain called the hole Yangshan, included in the national three six hole of twenty-four. Peak Black Elk temple, the source is far more than 1200 years, will not be extinguished, famous. The park is also rich in ancient stone carving, long folk culture, as well as pure deposit of customs, good natural environment and different characteristics of leisure projects, so Heimifeng outskirts of Changsha people enjoy the green, return to nature. great place.

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