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Home >> Dawei Mountain Ski Area travel guide and tours

Dawei Mountain Ski Area

Dawei Mountain Ski AreaDawei Mountain Ski Resort annual average temperature of 3 to 5 degrees lower than the bottom of the hill. The average winter temperature at minus 8 ¡ã C, the entire field area was something to open space, rugged and varied, the north and south sides is surrounded by mountains, dense forests thick snow, snow pleasant himself drunk. Smaller winter wind, the ski crowd great outdoor sports where one of nine Dawei Mountain King the Yuquan Qingxue, mountains in the professional Ski Resort Road at a glance; North of Castle Peak, South Kan Red Lotus Temple a snow of the earth, the world, telephoto mountain, white peaks climbed, sky blue sky; near the tree, Yushu Chiung-chih, Xuelin rime beautiful, people reminding us of scenes to enter into the fairy-tale world. Almost each to the Dawei Mountain ski the beginner ski area is the first show to commemorate the life unforgettable foot on skis from the snow trail blazing roaring past experience a snow flying ears the wind, inspired the snow residue splash in the face; Chuan Lin-breaking snow sky snow to enjoy sensory stimulation, the Yukino scenery wonderful, Changsha tours the pleasure of sharp dive, then definitely let you concentrate, concentrate on. Troubles and all the work in the trivial life can be thrown out the window.

The Tai Wai Ski Resort is built according to the mountain, a snow ring about 150 meters the primary Road and Intermediate Road (about 450 meters from 0 to 15 degrees inclination), High Road and professional Road 800 meters about 10 to 35 degrees inclination, snowmobile Road about 1200 meters, the the ski total length of more than 1990 meters, a width of 200 to 350 meters (beginners start practicing primary chute at up to 350 meters wide), rational layout of the venue, which can accommodate snow entertainment activities in more than 2,000 people at the same time, single-day accommodation was up to 8000 people. High Road loving fans can have some ski levels in the surrounding 10 degrees -35 degrees inclination, our professional practice. For children and scholars can be located in the exercises in the flat, non-skiing friends can watch or to play in the snow in the surrounding drink coffee in the tea bar, chitchatting. Has been installed the 5 Tuoqian, a magic carpet. Fun project snowmobiling, snow ring, single and double Snowboarding.

Summer and fall seasons Daweishan wild grass skiing ski resort is also very suitable for leisure, the Xia Tianlin deep grass dense, autumn is also all over the forest to make dye, especially beautiful in this place with fresh air, spend a couple of weeks, playing Golf, slippery the Sand, slippery water, relaxation also will benefit.

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