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Home >> Dawei Mountain tour guide

Dawei Mountain

Dawei MountainDawei Mountain National Forest Park is located in Liuyang City, Hunan Province, northeast, 148 km from the provincial capital of Changsha. It lush forests, abundant resources, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, known as the "green pearl xiangdong." 1992 by the Ministry of Forestry approved as a national forest park.

Primeval forest and plantations seamless, forming a sea of ??green. There are 23 species of plant formations, more than 3000 kinds, included in the national first and second class protected species, 17 species of wild animals have been found more than 60 species, included in the national first and second class protection up to 14 kinds of rare animals; forest reproductive play more than 1200 kinds of butterflies, called "natural flora and fauna museum." Dawei Mountain National Forest Park "show" with. Between the mountains and dense forests, studded with countless Qifengyishi and more than 100 liuquanfeibao. Lysander water show, because I'm more beautiful water. This spring, flowers, water song, angry light then. Summer, 1515 meters above sea level boarding pinnacle of five sons, mountain azalea, Colorful, called a must. Autumn, red maple make dye, matched with pine bamboo, colorful scene, intoxicating; if autumn, standing elevation of 1607.9 meters Qixingling peak, vistas, mountains and vast, layer love peaks, morning sunrise and evening look falling clouds, spectacular panoramic view of the mountains, exhilarating, full of pride. Winter, Changsha tours over the mountain Yushu Cong sticks, dressed in white, good scenery of the north.

Because high mountains, dense forests of geographical features, constitute a "summer heat and winter cold winter," the forest microclimate, making Dawei Mountain has a "natural air conditioning", "oxygen bar" advantage. Where the annual average temperature 11.4 degrees, the relative humidity is above 85%, the average summer temperature is 20 degrees ---- 28 degrees. Especially where the air is fresh, fragrant soak into the depths, water quality, to meet the people health, beauty, longevity and a desire to return to nature, is ideal leisure, vacation, tourism, convention resort.

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