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Home >> Changsha Window tourist guide

Changsha Window

Changsha WindowPaid by Hunan Changsha Window Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Holding Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong China Travel Service Group jointly invest in the construction of large-scale cultural theme park. Located in the city of Changsha Golden Eagle film culture, covering 400,000 square meters, total investment of 300 million yuan, is by far the largest in Hunan Province travel, film, culture, entertainment base.

October 1, 1997 trial operation, after 11 years of development and growth, now annual tourists reached 800,000 people. Changsha Window After eleven years of effort, has evolved into a financial world architectural wonders, Continental style song and dance performances, a large amusement equipment, Pioneer fashion events, film and television shooting base in an integrated large-scale theme park. Regardless of its size or influence, called the South region the most. Changsha Window of the ancient wonders of the world countries, historical monuments, scenic spots, building houses, Changsha tour various forms of art and customs and cabaret together in a park. Attractions within the area more than 100 buildings with different ratio for tourists to create a multi-level, high-grade, have the charm of the tour space.

There are exotic style architecture and modern business cultures international commercial street, has the world's monuments and architectural blend of classical civilization of mankind and civilization mountain river, "but there is material Chu" sculptures hundred people standing on stilts with each other in rows of Xiangjiang River Valley , including the U.S. western scenery and Indian culture do now Pleasantville, elegant European architecture and beautiful love story marriage love Valley, there are colorful, graceful diverse cultures Asian countries infiltration glories, have children Fun-filled entertainment castle with witty combination of large scale toy playground ......, Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt, Italy, Holy Trinity Church Hill, 120 historical sites around the world each terrain, to build a massive cultural history underlines the rich exotic.

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