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Home >> Hunan Forest Botanical Garden travel guide and tour

Hunan Forest Botanical Garden

Hunan Forest Botanical GardenHunan Forest Botanical Garden is located within the southern suburbs of Yuhua District, Changsha, national forest parks, important research positions in Hunan Province, the popular science education base and the ideal place for forest tourism. Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, the skyline Ridge National Forest Park and the wildlife rescue breeding center in Hunan Province, is a collection of scientific research, tourism, science and education in one of a green pearl both a collection of resources, introduction of forest plants, seed cultivation, processing and utilization of research base, China tours of Changsha are of good popular science tourism and entertainment. Forest Botanical Garden covers an area of 140 hectares, with the waters of six hectares.

Picturesque park, trees Zheng-rong, especially fresh air, Piyou plant classification, 10 districts of the rare and endangered plants, medicinal plants, ornamental plants area more than 1100 kinds of common forests plants and flowers fruit varieties 1800 multiple. Rare and Endangered Plants in the Botanic Gardens in central hillside, with dove tree, Liriodendron, larch, silver fir, silver magpie tree Manglietia, the foveolata 111 kinds of rare plants such as Magnolia. Medicinal plants in areas adjoining with over 600 kinds of medicinal herbs.

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